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The Retail Collection Attorney Network (RCAN) promotes retail collection law firms throughout the United States and around the world. We utilize the Collection Industry News, a very powerful medium and marketing vehicle, to promote RCAN globally. 

With thousands of page views monthly by Credit and Collection Industry professionals, your retail collection law firm would be in prime position to bolster your new business development program, brand your firm name and get some great industry exposure with an RCAN membership. Join today and discover the difference we can make in marketing your law firm on the web.

We would like to welcome our newest RCAN Members: Lovik & Juhl, PLLC in Seattle, Washington - Business and Technology Law Group in Columbia, Maryland - Euler Law Offices, L.L.P. in Troy, Kansas - McNall & Associates, PC in Anchorage, Alaska - Law Offices of Amy J. Funchess in Seattle, Washington - Stephen D. Bass & Associates, PC in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Cohn, Dussi & Bilodeau, LLC in Hartford, Connecticut and Warwick, Rhode Island - Cohn & Dussi in Woburn, Massachusetts - Gregory P. Turner in Waltham, Massachusetts - Rader Law, LLC in Carlstadt, New Jersey - Akins & Bryne, PLLC in Cary, North Carolina - Bachand Discala in Middlefield, Connecticut - Vlock & Associates, P.C. in New York, New York - Twomey & Associates in North Andover, Massachusetts - Monco Law Offices, S.C. in Brookfield, Wisconsin - Warner Law, LLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Hart & Hart in Benton, Illinois - Paul F. D'Emilio, LLC in Springfield, Pennsylvania - Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. in Tiffin, Ohio - Frank N. Peluso, PC in Stamford, Connecticut - Roy A. Levun in Simi Valley, California - Wagner & Hunt, PA in Margate, Florida - Gill Dion & Forsyth, PA in Delray Beach, Florida - Evalina C. Cheadle, Atty at Law in Nashville, Tennessee - Wilkins Tipton, PA in Jackson, Mississippi - Jonathan L.A. Phillips in Peoria, Illinois - David P. Slater in Boca Raton, Florida - Roberts & Blackledge in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Kelley and Taylor, PC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Bierer & Margolis, PA in Baltimore, Maryland - Collection Law Center, PC, in Wyoming & Utah - Kristan K. Finney, PC in Eugene, Oregon - White & Allen, PA in New Bern, North Carolina - Iuris Abogados & Asesores in Madrid, Spain - Sydney Fairbairn, Atty. at Law in Novato, California - Seaborn Associates, P.A. in Portland, Maine - James S. Nowak Law Offices in Toledo, Ohio - Gosselin & Dubord, PA in Lewiston, Maine - Marc B. Schram, PC in Hazlet, New Jersey - Marylou Paolucci & Associates, PC in Smithtown, New York - Millstone & Kannensohn in Youngstown, Ohio - Kaplan & Associates, Inc. in East Providence, Rhode Island - Duncan Simonette, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio - Goldberg & Oriel in Framingham, Massachusetts - Zide & O’Biecunas, LLP in Van Nuys, California - William A. Brown, Jr. in Los Angeles, California - Johnson Legal Group, LLC in Chicago, Illinois - Collection Attorneys Europe in Antwerp, Belgium - Jonathan L. Bender, PC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey - James N. Jorgensen, PA in Raleigh, North Carolina - Dobberstein Law Firm, LLC in Brookfield, Wisconsin - Reizman Berger in St. Louis (Clayton), Missouri and Illinois - Greak Law in Lubbock, Texas - Gary H. Kreppel, PC in Marlborough, Massachusetts and New Hampshire - Thomas R. Dundon in Traverse City, Michigan - Stephen F. Thompson, Jr. in Hoover, Alabama - Nathanson Law Firm, LLP in Lynbrook, New York - Lorenzana Law Firm, P.C. in Austin, Texas - David E. Newman, P.A. in Miami, Florida - Pendleton & Sutton, Attorneys at Law in Lawrence, Kansas - Law Office of George A. Saba in Dearborn, Michigan - Kiely & Ferrante, LLC in Gloucester, Massachusetts - Underwood Law Firm, LLC in St. Louis and Belleville, Missouri - Law Office of Adam M. McNamara in Haverhill, Massachusetts - Wilson C. Pasley, PLC - Attorney at Law in Roanoke, Virginia - Victor L. Gammill in Newport Beach, California - Canova & Delahaye in Plaquemine, Louisiana - Law Office of Joel M. Jolles in Hamden, Connecticut - Carmelita Riley & Associates, PLLC in White Plains, New York - Leshin Law Firm in Delray Beach, Florida - Dryer Law Office in Columbia, South Carolina - Donald D. DeGrasse in Houston, Texas - Costa Law Office in Mt. Vernon, Illinois - Ryan D. Gesten, PA in Davie, Florida - The Law Firm of Terrence Kay in Salem, Oregon - Depew & Dehn in Bloomington, Illinois - Dana & Pariser Co., LPA in Columbus, Ohio - Marc S. Lichtman, Attorney at Law in Chicago, Illinois - Sakaida & Bui in Encino, California - Ellicott & Ellicott, PC in West Lebanon, New Hampshire and White River Junction, Vermont - Law Offices of Mark A. Kirkorsky in Tempe, Arizona - Allison Law Group, LLP in Lynnwood, Washington - Melvin & Melvin in Syracuse, New York - Law Office of Hayes & Welsh in Henderson, Nevada - Wells Daisley Rabon, PA in Charlotte, North Carolina - Law Offices of Noam J. Cohen, PA in North Miami Beach, Florida - The Law Offices of Jeffrey J. Needle, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Law Office of Darrell W. Cook in Dallas, Texas - Law Office of Marion Dere Muller in Rockville, Maryland - Dow Law Firm in Richland, Washington - Law Offices of Scott A. Mersky, PA in West Palm Beach, Florida - Law Office of Stuart M. Collis, PC in Ypsilanti, Michigan - Knuckles, Komosinski & Elliott, LLP in Elmsford, New York - Bikakis, Mayne, Arneson, Hindman & Hisey in Sioux City, Iowa - Favret, Demarest, Russo & Lutkewitte in New Orleans, Louisiana - Behar, Gutt & Glazer, PA in Aventura, Florida - Goodman & Goodman, Attorneys at Law in Los Angeles, California -  Valleywide Process Service in Phoenix, Arizona - Smith Feinberg McCartney & Berl, LLP in Lewes, Delaware - Weinstein Law Offices in Greensboro, North Carolina - Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta LLP in Austin, Texas - Christopher J. Petersen, PLLC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Timothy Nicholas Thomes, PA in Key Largo, Florida - Peterson & Nykamp, LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah - Law Office of Larry D. Cohen, LLC in Charleston, South Carolina - McShane & Bowie, PLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan - Law Office of Stephen R. White in Warwick, Rhode Island - Collyer Bristow, Solicitors in London, England - Jack H. Frisch & Associates in Indianapolis, Indiana - Dr. E. Steinlauf & Co., Advocates in Jerusalem & Tele Aviv, Israel - Brockman, Brauchle & Evans, PLLC in Houston, Texas - Mages & Price, Attorneys at Law in Deerfield, Illinois - Wesolick, Konenkamp & Rounds, LLP in Rapid City, South Dakota - David A. Solomon, Attorney at Law in Centennial, Colorado - Richard A. Snow & Associates, LTD in Chicago, Illinois - Richard G. Hill, Chartered in Reno, Nevada - The Borack Law Group, P.A. in Orlando, Florida - David Stephen Zalob, Attorney at Law in San Francisco, California - Richard D. Gross in Towson, Maryland - Willcox, Buyck & Williams, P.A. in Florence, South Carolina - Araki-Regan & Associates, LLC in Wailuku, Hawaii - Bailes, Craig & Yon, PLLC in Huntington, West Virginia - Cohen & Associates, PC in Salem, Massachusetts - Patrick, Harper & Dixon, LLP in Hickory, North Carolina - The Law Offices of Zullo & Jacks, LLC in East Haven, Connecticut - Leopold, Gross & Sommers, PC in Brooklyn, New York - Jennings, Haug & Cunningham, LLP in Phoenix, Arizona - Curry & Associates in Lubbock, Texas - Rahmati Law Firm, LLC in Huntsville, Alabama - Faloni & Associates, LLC in West Caldwell, New Jersey - Held & Israel in Jacksonville, Florida - McNearney & Associates, LLC in Overland Park, Kansas - Hammond Law Firm, LLC in New Orleans, Louisiana - Donna L. Clayton, PA in Tequesta, Florida - Ganzer & Williams in Stockton, California - Gregory T. Lattanzi, LLC in New Haven, Connecticut - Garrett Hemann Robertson, P.C. in Salem, Oregon - Wallick & Associates in Warwick, Rhode Island - Law Office of James A. West, PC in Houston, Texas - Law Offices of Gregg M. Horowitz, PC in Sarosota, Florida - Wisenbaker Law Offices, PC in Savannah, Georgia - Henry, McDonald & James in Houston, Texas - Dumas & McPhail, LLC in Mobile, Alabama - Direct Legal Services Inc. in El Dorado Hills, California - M. Brooks Houghton in Chico, California - Cohne, Rappaport & Segal, PC in Salt Lake City, Utah - Sessoms & Rogers, PA in Durham, North Carolina - Frauenshuh & Spooner in Paynesville, Minnesota - Greenhut & Catuogno in Springfield, Massachusetts - John F. Johnson - Barrister & Solicitor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Davis Davis Attorneys, P.C. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Demetrios H. Tsarouhis in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Cohn, Dussi & Bilodeau, LLC in Warwick, Rhode Island - Richard D. London & Associates, PC in Silver Spring, Maryland - Hodges, Avrutis & Foeller, PA in Sarasota, Florida - John B. Ingleson, Attorney at Law in Murfreesboro, Tennessee - Sedlezky Law Firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Barry A. Friedman & Associates, PC in Mobile, Alabama - Law Office of Arthur J. Inman in Peoria, Illinois - Law Office of Richard I. Leff in Buffalo, New York - Osstyn, Ferns & Quinnell, LLP in Marquette, Michigan - The Law Office of Jay A. Taylor, PC in Houston, Texas - Law Offices of Gary A. Rosenberg in Woodland Hills, California - Messer & Stilp, Ltd., A Professional Corporation  in Chicago, Illinois - Roosen, Varchetti & Olivier, PLLC in Clinton Township, Michigan - Sternthal Katznelson Montigmy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Why You Should Join RCAN?

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors daily through the Collection Industry News newsletter to nearly 30,000 opt-in subscribers including banks, retail credit managers, finance companies, credit and collection professionals throughout the industry.

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors on the Collection Industry News website along with a professional profile page and city pages on the RCAN website. Together, these sites receive over 100,000 page views per month. 

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors by sending out an RCAN specific email to 40,000 industry subscribers weekly.

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors through the use of search engine optimized premium listing pages in the RCAN Network for the member's city and state.

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors to hundreds of credit and collection professionals throughout the U.S. via the annual conferences that we attend. 

  • We promote RCAN attorneys and vendors on the Columbia Law List,and Commercial Bar websites. These websites give your law firm or company additional exposure to 125,000 professionals of the Credit and Collection Industry monthly.


By becoming a member of RCAN, you greatly enhance your opportunity to receive new business via the internet from companies that outsource collection claims such as:

Auto Loans
Bad Checks
Child Support
Contracts - General
Credit Cards
Credit Unions
Department Stores
Hospital Providers
Insurance Subrogation
Judgment Enforcement
Landlord Tenant
Medical Providers
Mortgage Lenders
Student Loans

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RCAN & Collection Industry News, A Marketing Powerhouse!


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